What is ELCA?

There exists an ecological and cheap solution for individual transportation within large cities!

Combatra has developed a simple and ecological Small Electric Vehicle which only needs a minimum maintenance and has a minimum operational cost.

The basic version is equiped solely with the items necessary for driving and safety. For an easy and cheap production, the body of the vehicle is made from a light, firm and cheap thermoplastic, and a light self-supporting chassis is made from a specially designed aluminium profiles.

ELCA will be produced in three versions – ELCA Hatchback, ELCA Delivery Van and ELCA Solar Semi-trailer. An important advantage of the design is that the chassis and a majority of the body parts can be used for all versions of ELCA

3 versions of ELCA

Thanks to the atypical slantwise position of the seats, the length of the vehicle is only 2 500 mm which enables perpendicular parking at the edge of the street as can be seen in the picture bellow. 

ELCA – Perpendicular Parking

The Small Electric Vehicle (hatchback) for 2 persons features a modern body construction with a large storage space in the trunk of 430 liters, which is quite unique for such a small vehicle. Furthermore, the delivery van derived from this version has a cargo compartment as much as 900 liters.

ELCA Vehicle Blueprints

After dismounting the cargo compartment, it is possible to connect to it a unique semi-trailer which is equipped with its own batteries, 2 motors and photovoltaic panels for charging the batteries. It is designed so that a driver may disconnect the semi-trailer and rove with the solo vehicle in the surroundings. A driving range of 140 – 160 km is sufficient because the vehicle is designated for using only in the cities. According to the statistics, a typical city carrier drives about 70 km daily and then he leaves the car in the guarded yard. The workmen, construction companies and small farmers have a similar driving range. For example, the German Post vehicles Streetscooter have a driving range of only 85 km. The operating cost of the small electric vehicles is very low. Average consumption of L6 vehicle is 50Wh/km which results at the price of electricity 0,407 EUR/kWh (eng.kurzy.cz, 2022) in the impressive cost of 2.04 €/100km.

All the electronic equipment (motors, battery, charger, BMS) have been projected and debugged by the experts from the Technical University of Liberec.

The experts from Technical University of Liberec have also developed electrical and electronic devices of the vehicle including display and universal control system applicable in different electric cars.