CNC 5-Axis Edge Cutting Machines

CNC 5-Axis Cutting Machine

We possess the know-how to produce CNC 5-Axis Edge Cutting Machines according to the specifications of our customers. It is also possible to rent our machines or have your products made by us on our machines at our workshop.

In the past we have made CNC 5-Axis Edge Cutting Machines of following dimensions:

  • linear Z axis with 1000mm travel
  • rotation axes A and B equipped with harmonic gearboxes
  • drive of all 3 axes solved by KM Bergel-Lahr with el. brake
  • linear guide 2,500 mm (axis Y) with drives, axis X 4,000 mm
  • Berger-Lahr driver control unit for 5 motors
  • Smoothstepper controller
  • spindle control power components, control voltage sources, frequency converter
Combatra CNC 5-Axis Edge Cutting Machine